Gina Carano has had an inspired career both inside the ring and in front of the camera. Her biggest films include Deadpool where she portrayed Angel Dust and Fast & Furious 6 which saw her as Agent Riley Hicks. Both movies let her show off her impressive fight skills, which have continued to land her roles and be a driving force for her work. Her earlier film Haywire saw her starring alongside some of Hollywood’s most recognized stars, such as Antonio Banderas and Ewen McGregor. Daughter of the Wolf saw her braving cold temperatures and proving her tenacity. Carano’s authenticity to making the action look real in Haywire earned her performance a Critics Choice Award Nomination for Best Actress in an action film. However, more than that, Carano’s dedication to remaining true to herself has garnered an impressive, loyal fanbase as well as public support from renowned actors such as Carl Weathers. She has striven to remain herself while navigating the uncertain waters of acting. She has been humble in the face of adulation and has hit back hard in the face of adversity. All aspects that have earned her respect among her fans. We are looking forward to her upcoming movie with the Daily Wire, and we know that whatever she does, it’ll be both fun and action-packed.