In Daughter Of The Wolf (2019) Carano portrays Clair Hamilton, a military veteran whose son Charlie has been kidnapped. After making contact with the kidnappers, she attempts to ransom Charlie but at the exchange, the kidnappers are double-crossed, leading to a dramatic shootout. Clair shoots two of the kidnappers but one of the men, Larsen (Brendan Fehr), escapes. Clair falls into a frozen lake while chasing him but luckily Larsen pulls her out. He tells he did it because he was not planning on killing anyone and did not know about the plans to double-cross her. Clair has a peaceful encounter with a black wolf while recovering, then catches up with Larsen and forces him at gunpoint to take her to the leader of the kidnappers, Father (Richard Dreyfuss), a man who is angry at her deceased father for closing a mill and leaving money owed to him to Clair instead. The movie is a different take for Carano, but we still see her showing off her incredible agility as well as her growth as an actor.

Character Name: Clair Hamilton

Gina described working on this project as a real highlight during a 2019 interview with on KTLA 5 with Richard Dreyfuss. Co-stars include: Brendan Fehr, Sydelle Nodel & Anton Gillis-Alderman.