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  • ShaddaShk

    06/10/2021 at 3:36 PM

    Hello community! I’ve been sitting on making this group for about a month. One reason holding me back was that I actually don’t have any good workout routine down. I’ve only recently started jogging because my daughter has gotten pretty good on her balance bike and I need to keep up. But I’m realizing that maybe there are others like me who would like to get something going, even if it’s a little step, and could use encouragement, a place to say “hey I’m going to do this” and have other people follow up without shaming you. After seeing that Team GinaNet is doing for this Saturday, I figured I’d take the plunge and put this up. I’ll be posting some more discussion threads as I have time or if anyone would like to start something please go ahead!

    If anyone has a suggestion for the group name, I’m open! I just needed to get something out there so I wouldn’t let one little detail hold this up.

  • Kris525600

    06/14/2021 at 8:10 PM

    Hi all. I started working out about 10 months ago. I joined Beachbody on demand and I love the workouts. The programs I’m doing are 30 minutes and under. I try to do them everyday but sometimes I can’t. And it’s great cause I do them right from my tv. I did lose about 20 pounds but I was bad and gained back so I’m working on losing again. Diet is my biggest problem. I cut out all soda, only trying to drink water and more of it, and stopped using white bread. But snacking is my biggest issue. I do good for a bit but then I get bad again.

    But with my workouts they work on strength, flexibility, balance and endurance and overall getting u fit And I have seen a difference. I horseback and I was having a lot of difficulty getting on and off the horse, and taking a lot of breaks cause I get winded. But lately I’ve noticed my balance is much better, and I can go longer without breaking.

    I also signed up to do 3 5k Virtual races for the first time. I am not running them just walking. I did the first one. Two more too go. So even though I did do bad for a bit I’m getting back on track and hopefully will get down to goal weight.

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