The Point of a Rebellion

“Welcome to the Rebellion.” How many t-shirts have come out with that saying since Gina announced her deal with the Daily Wire back in February? For a while, it seemed like every YouTube channel, both large and small, had a Rebellion t-shirt. Most still do and now have several different options. So, I’m sure it came as no surprise when GCNet made its debut back in April, that we had a Rebellion t-shirt of our own. Of course, we wanted to be a little different, so we decided to do Peaky Blinders-inspired Gina. I mean, it just fits so well we couldn’t resist. But designing our Rebellion t-shirt wasn’t just about jumping on the bandwagon of making one more trendy piece of clothing. Creating our own merchandise was about our contribution to the cultural war we’re currently fighting.

I’m sure you all know what I’m referring to. Every major YouTuber has been discussing this “war” for years. If, however, you don’t know what we’re talking about, we’d suggest you go check out Nerdrotic’s YouTube channel; he’s never not addressing this important topic. But ever since February of this year it seems like more and more people (our team included) have realized how far down the rabbit hole the entertainment industry has fallen. However, there have been a select few who haven’t let this go unnoticed. These independent content creators as we know and love them, have been voicing their concerns for some time about the woke identity politics being inserted into every form of media and the slippery slope that is cancel culture. In the past few years, many have started actively pushing back against this alarming trend. That includes creating their own merchandise as an alternative to mega-corporations for people to purchase. This “war” that we’re fighting isn’t a typical one. It’s one fought by conviction and choices. Who will you choose to support and how?

Now, you might be wondering what any of this has to do with a t-shirt. Isn’t it just a way for someone to make a little extra pocket change? For some, yes, that’s precisely what it is, but for our community, it’s much more than that. In short, it’s about how we decide to fight back in this war, and that includes how we choose to spend our money. Supporting our own community is a way of setting ourselves apart from the crowd. Every time we purchase from an independent content creator, we’re making a conscious decision to not send that money to a major corporation like Disney, who, let’s be honest, has made it abundantly clear that they don’t like a certain section of society. Every time you buy a t-shirt that won’t fund a mega-millionaire, you’re doing your part to contribute to our pushback against the woke takeover. So, this where our shirts fit in. They are just one more way of fighting against the echo chamber that Hollywood, and much of modern-day society, have become. 

When we created these shirts––and all of our merchandise for that matter––we made them with the intention that they would help fund the website. Because here’s the thing––this website is our stake in the fight. Even though it has Gina’s name in the header, it’s about so much more than just Gina. We created this platform as a means for people to come together and create a community away from the trolls and as a means for people to actively excursive their right to freedom of speech. To not fear being canceled for an opinion. Because this is how we fight back––we do it ourselves. Every time you buy something from our store, you’re contributing to this fight. Every time you wear our shirt to the grocery store, you’re showing the world that you support those of us who have decided to stand against the half of society that doesn’t seem to think we should support people like Gina.

GinaCarano.Net is run entirely by donations. It is funded by those who decide to contribute what they can to help us keep the lights on. Whether you do that by hitting the “Donate” button on the homepage (seriously $1 is helpful) or you buy something from our store (which will hopefully have more in it very soon; stay tuned for that), your contribution allows us to continue serving this community. It helps ensure that those who would see Gina unpersoned (remember how quickly all her action figures were canceled?) are reminded that there are many more who want to see Gina, and people like her, succeed in the entertainment industry. This is why buying a t-shirt, a hat, or a print of our Peaky Blinders-inspired artwork, matters. It matters who you support, and by supporting us, you enable us to support this community.

If you need a little inspiration, below are some of our community members who have chosen to support GCNet.

Mimi Domínguez via Instagram
Marcus via Twitter
Aleja’s display at home

Whether you’ve sworn off Disney and all of its affiliates, or you just want to try to live your life without someone getting in your face about your beliefs and just enjoy what you want to enjoy, either way, we can’t do this without your support. If we want to see change in the pop-culture world, we can’t be complacent in how we spend our hard-earned money. This is why buying something as simple as a t-shirt is bigger than just one more drop in the bucket. They’re more than a piece of clothing, they’re a statement to mega-corporations that they no longer have our unwavering support. They’re how we show how we rebel because #WeAreTheRebellion.

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