Spontaneous #WeLoveCaraDune Trend

Cara Dune has been “absent” from the Star Wars franchise for a little under 5 months now. However, that has not stopped fans of both the character and of Gina Carano from showing up and keeping the love for the fearless Shock Trooper alive. One has to wonder if a certain cooperate company is paying attention. *cough* Dinsey *cough*

This past weekend, Gina’s fans decided to show Cara Dune some love. On Saturday morning (about U.S. central time) #WeLoveCaraDune started getting a little traction. Soon after our team at GCNet pointed it out, the hashtag took off and ended up trending for roughly a twenty-four-hour period with a little over 6,000 tweets in both the U.S. and the U.K. This wasn’t planned, it didn’t appear to be prompted by anything, this was purely Gina’s fans deciding to show Cara Dune some love. This is what the Star Wars community is about––expressing love for the things we care about. If one thing is clear, it’s that Cara Dune is still loved by the fandom, no matter what a certain company does to erase her from the universe.

Naturally, we at GCNet were eager to show Cara Dune some much-deserved attention and were to eager to engage with fans. We also decided to give away some of the authentic Cara Dune braids we were given to us by the lady herself. We’d like to congratulate @MarissaK03 and @Nohemi200028 for winning these genuine Cara Dune braids that were made by the very talented Maria who worked on the set of the Mandalorian. Please DM us on Twitter to collect your prizes.

Other fans showed their love for the loyal mercenary turned overly protective mom and willing to do anything who touches the little Green Guy. Below are some of our favorites:

And one of our personal favorites:

#WeLoveCaraDune is and has always been about showing support to Gina’s portrayal of this strong character in Star Wars and to let the higher-ups know that the fandom wants. And this weekend showed that her fans aren’t letting up, even if we do never see our Dropper again (*sob*). After our team member, Ash did some digging he discovered some interesting numbers about #WeLoveCaraDune’s time on Twitter, which shows that Gina and Cara’s support has always far outweighed the haters. Since we started using the hashtag, it has generated 312.3k tweets. For reference, #FireGinaCarano only generated 31.5k tweets. Now one might argue that that is due to the trolls getting their way with Gina’s exit from the Mandalorian. However, after this weekend, I think it’s safe to say that Gina’s character has left her mark on fans far and wide and that we’re not going to let anyone forget her.

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