May The 4th! #WeLoveCaraDune Celebrations

Hello Mudscuffers,

May the 4th is approaching rather quickly, If you don’t know why May 4th is an important day within the Star Wars fandom, don’t worry; we’ll explain. It’s a day where thousands of fans from around the world celebrate all things related to the Star Wars universe, fortunately for you.. we’re celebrating all things Cara Dune related! We know how many supporters of Gina fell in love with Cara, and wanted to ensure we did something extra special to celebrate this beloved character within The Mandalorian franchise.

Below you will find out event schedule for May 3rd & May 4th. We hope to see some of your faces in attendance!

May 3rd:

Zoom Show & Tell – Your Cara Dune Collection:
A social get together for you to show fellow members of the community your Cara Dune collection. What does your collection consist of? Is it a picture that you’ve been lucky enough to have autographed, a figurine? a poster? We want to see it all! A Zoom link will be posted for anyone wishing to attend. (Starting at 9PM BST UK/4PM EDT USA/1PM PDT USA)

The Mandalorian Season 1, Episode 4 (Virtual Watch Party)
Zoom invite Link will be tweeted out/shared to Instagram prior to viewing starting. You will need to be able to access this episode to take part. We’ll bring the popcorn! (Viewing starting at 11PM BST UK/6PM EDT USA/3PM PDT USA)

May 4th: (Star Wars Day)

#WeLoveCaraDune Worldwide Social Media Trend Hour:
Head to social media and prepare to ignite the hashtags, we are hosting a #WeLoveCaraDune trend hour! During this celebration we want you to tweet us all the things you love about Cara Dune including the hashtag #WeLoveCaraDune within your tweets/Instagram posts. Let the the world hear just how much Cara is continued to be adored amongst fans. (Trend starting at 10.30PM BST UK/11.30PM CEST Europe/5.30PM EDT USA/2.30PM PDT USA)

Zoom Cara Dune Quiz! (With Giveaway Item!)
Directly after the #WeLoveCaraDune trend has finished, a link will be posted to our social media channels with a Zoom link. We want all of you which have a extensive knowledge of Cara Dune and the Star Wars universe to attend this fun online interactive quiz! There’s no teaming up, so you’ll have to be on your A-game throughout. We may even have a small giveaway item up for grabs.

May the force be with you,
The GCNet Team.

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