Gina’s Episode Of Running Wild Draws MASSIVE Audience

During this past Monday evening’s premiere of Running Wild With Bear Grylls (Season 6), an army of fellow Gina supporters came out to watch the seventh episode which featured our favorite leading lady. In this episode, we watched Gina tackle the rather treacherous Dolomite Mountain Range which is located in northeastern Italy. This appearance marked Gina’s first return to television since her public interview with Ben Shapiro that aired on YouTube and the Daily Wire back in February 2021. But here’s where it gets interesting: the episode attracted a net audience of over 530,000 according to ShowBuzzDaily. They reported that the episode charted at #47 of all cable TV shows shown that night. Unbelievable, right?!

It didn’t stop there, however. The hashtag #GinaGoneWild (created by our very own Ash), started trending in the United States on Twitter and then remained fixed within the TOP 20 trends for well over 30 hours following the episode’s original broadcast. There is talk of bonus footage being aired at some point in the near future. We will update you once we have more information and when it’s confirmed from official sources such as Nat Geo. (We just want more, right?!)

What did you all think of the episode? We can’t get over how much Gina was smiling (and cursing), even when looking down from a 500 feet drop––although the cursing was probably justifiable at that point. She handled it with such ease! Let us know your thoughts within the forum by clicking here

You can view the episode by visiting National Geographic, subscribing to SlingTV, or purchasing it on iTunes (depending on which country you are located in).

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