#GinaGoneWild: The Downloadable GIF Collection

After Gina’s episode of Running Wild With Bear Grylls aired earlier this month, so many of our community took to social media to tell our GCNET team just how much you loved the episode. We loved it just as much––so much, in fact, that we decided to create a little gift for you.

As you know, Gina Carano GIFs are quite popular across social media platforms. Most notably the iconic lip-bite, which appears most frequently.

We thought we’d contribute to the tradition of Gina Carano GIFs by making a collection to share with the world. We appreciate all of your support here at GinaCarano.net. Since the launch, the amount of support has been overwhelming. So here’s a little something for you all: a downloadable file containing over 60 high-quality GIFs taken from Running Wild With Bear Grylls. Click here to begin the download. (Size: 569MB)

We look forward to seeing these in your social media posts!

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