Cara Dune: Sideshow Collectibles Premium Format Figure Production Quantities Revealed

How many of you are dedicated collectors of anything Cara Dune-related? Raise your hands now . . . actually, no, that’s probably not necessary. We think it’s a safe bet that every single person who reads this article loves Cara Dune as much as we do! With that in mind, we have some news today for any Cara Dune merchandise collectors. Back in December 2020, Sideshow Collectibles announced they would be producing a Cara Dune premium format figure. It comes in at 19″ tall, and we must say, it’s quite a stunning piece, isn’t it? (See image below)

One thing that wasn’t clear when the figure went up for pre-order was how many figures would be produced. One of our admins here at, Ash, recently checked his pre-order and noticed that the quantity number had been updated on SideShow’s official website. The number of figures set to be produced will surely make this a must-have item for any devout supporter of our much loved Marshal/Shocktrooper, Carasynthia Dune. The total amount will be limited to 2500 figures worldwide.

The figure comes with a price tag of $585. However, payment plans are available. If you chose the Flex (Layaway) plan, you’re required to pay a non-refundable downpayment of $58.50. You can then choose how many months you’d like to pay on the figure; the max is 6 months. Additionally, if you have purchased from SideShow in the past you should be able to redeem reward points you’ve occurred from previous orders. The figure is due to arrive at the end of the year, so if you’re interested, don’t hesitate. We have a feeling this figure won’t be around for long. If you want to learn more about the figure, or pre-order it, you can do so by clicking right here.

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