GinaCaranoNET is a fan driven movement and online community dedicated to supporting the actress Gina Carano and her fans. We are passionate about creating a space where fans of Gina can be free to express themselves. We will accomplish this through fostering an inclusive virtual culture with respect, integrity, positivity, and utilizing the power of human connection. A mission like this is not possible without the hard work and dedication of a team. Meet our team of fun, freedom-loving, quirky individuals!



Emily describes herself as a keyboard ninja warrior, collector of fine people, and a bibliophile. Her dream is to travel the world with her husband and invent an instantaneous traveling car. Besides her experience in throwing shade and cracking jokes, Emily has a background in business management, marketing, and customer service. Emily has been a fan of Gina Carano since her fighting days and when she saw her portrayal of Cara Dune in The Mandalorian, she quickly became her favorite character in the Star Wars universe. The broken past, loyalty to friends, badassery, and underlying femininity are all things she loves about the character. Emily is drawn to and inspired by Gina is due to her authenticity and inner strength. She’s the real deal. The driving force behind Emily’s passion for this community is that it is in defense of someone she admires and wants to provide a service to other fans.



Ash loves bringing people together from across all walks of life. Ash in the past has managed a large online gaming community and has experience in community management. In his spare time, he rocks out to Britney, travels the world, and occasionally likes a bit of computer gaming whilst his two dogs are jumping all over him! Cara Dune was Ash's favorite Star Wars character across the entirety of the Star Wars universe. He says her underlying vulnerability yet pure fierceness are the qualities that captivated him from the very start of The Mandalorian. However, when it comes to Gina Carano, he feels like Gina is a person that has so much to give to the world, not necessarily just through her work, but by being herself. She has inspired him and countless others, and he hopes to build an online community where this will continue.



Daniel has created and run his own businesses for the last 15+ years. He brings this experience to the team by helping set up and maintains the non-profit organization as well as keeping track of the site’s finances. He first took notice of Gina Carano on Twitter and was inspired by her sense of humor and positive messages. That inspiration grew when Daniel realized Gina was slated to play the character Cara Dune on The Mandalorian. So, it's safe to say he felt a connection to Gina before he even realized she was famous or saw all of her accomplishments. This online community is important to Daniel because the world needs more of Gina's example and light; people need to know that it's not ok to bully others into submitting to your beliefs. You can reach people with kindness and let them know they are regarded, recognized, and valued.



Aleja is a Ph.D. student in Irish history and has completed an AA, BA, and MA. She studied in both America and Ireland and has been an Associate Editor at her state's history journal for four years. Her first exposure to Gina Carano was her portrayal of Cara Dune in The Mandalorian. Star Wars has always been of deep importance to her; the novels ultimately aided her in overcoming her dyslexia when she was young. Cara Dune quickly became her favorite character due to Carano’s ability to portray herself as both feminine as well as strong. However, the more she learned about Carano, the more she inspired Aleja. Carano has helped Aleja find courage in the face of adversity and her to see beauty in other people. Carano’s willingness to stand up to cancel culture, the right to freedom of speech, and her genuinely kind nature has inspired Aleja to stand up and defend those things that are of import to her.


Moderator/Finance Director

Kara has been a fan of Gina since her fight days and deeply enjoyed her portrayal of the fan-favorite, Cara Dune. Although Kara appreciates Star Wars, she’s not knowledgeable enough to banter with the hard-core fans. Rather, she watched The Mandalorian mainly to see Gina continue to be an amazing fighter, just now outside the ring. Dune never hesitates to knock someone out and she has a superior ability to clear gun malfunctions. Indeed, Kara’s support for Gina stems from her fighting days. That part of her career will always be her favorite. Gina proved you can be pretty and still beat the hell out of someone. From some very fun interactions on Twitter, Gina is exceptionally sweet and always funny. Simply put, she’s the type of person everyone should support.


Content Director

Memory Ponce de Leon has always been passionate about the film industry. She graduated with a BA in Digital Media Business Management and has cultivated expertise both in previous and in her current profession in video editing and graphic design for digital marketing material. In 2018 she attended the Digital Animation & Visual Effects School in Orlando and graduated with a BA in Visual Effects Production. Memory supports Gina because she’s an incredible and beautiful person who always spreads love and kindness in all that she does. She’s a strong inspiring woman who doesn’t back down from a fight or when the going gets. Her goal with this project is to help showcase what an amazing person Gina is and help others have the opportunity to meet amazing people through a supportive, creative, and inspiring online community.



Allie is an elementary music teacher on the east coast. When she’s not busy teaching she’s singing (loudly), dancing (badly), jamming on the piano, practicing Taekwondo, or watching TV with her dog. Allie supports Gina because not only is she a beautiful soul, but because she showed Allie that she COULD do hard things both physically and in other ways. Gina inspired her to start speaking up and using her voice to inspire and spread love and positivity. Her goal with this site is to showcase how awesome Gina is and to create a place where others can come together to support her, as well as build positive connections online with each other.


Social Media Manager

Tuggs has been a fan of Gina’s since her first MMA fight and has been following her career ever since. Tuggs currently lives in Las Vegas and works for Geeks + Gamers as well as GinaCaranoNET. She has cultivated a strong online presence in the gaming community and has experience working on social media engagement with fans. Tuggs is also a lover of all things nerd and deeply enjoyed Gian’s portrayal of Cara Dune in The Mandalorian. Tuggs is most inspired by Gina’s strength, both physically and mentally: she’s feminine but can defend herself. She’s been through a LOT and she’s still standing. Her heart, she’s loving and kind and hasn’t let anyone influence her to be anything else. Gina is someone that Tuggs looks to as an example of how a young woman can hold her head high in the face of adversity and still retain who she is.


Art Director

Madison is a professional artist who graduated with a BFA specializing in painting. Her creative passion is fueled by her love of storytelling in all its forms, especially films, novels, and video games. A lifelong Star Wars geek, she discovered Gina through her work on The Mandalorian and became an instant fan. However, even more meaningful to her than the character of Cara Dune, is Gina’s willingness to stand up and speak out. Gina inspires her to do the same, to seek out like-minded people and create community spaces where all are welcome.

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#1. We've been following Gina since before she was Gina! lol.

#2. We're super excited and fortunate to be working on such an awesome project!

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